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FIFISH E-GO E-200 Package

FIFISH E-GO E-200 Package

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Modular Build, Efficiently Designed

FIFISH E-GO's core functions—motor, imaging, lighting, battery—are integrated via modular architecture. Four detachable modules enable rapid assembly, disassembly, troubleshooting, swift battery, accessory removal, 5-minute spare part replacement. Streamlined maintenance ensures optimal underwater performance.

200m Tether +robotic grab arm

Efficient Movement
3+ Knots of Speed
Agile & Quick Omnidirectional
Strong Flow Resistance
Q-Steady 3.0 Self-Stabilization
Al Vision Station Lock
Al-Powered Functions
Image & Color Enhancements
Fish Detection & Counting
Extensive Power
2.5+ hrs. Operational Time
Seamless Battery Replacement
Precise & Simple Controls
360° Omnidirectional Movement
Customized Controls & Movements
Fast-Charging Enabled
90% Power in 50 Minutes
Portable Power Station
Robust Add-ons
Up to 6 Attachment Ports
5kg Underwater Payload
Modular Design & Build
9 sec. Power Replacement
9 sec. Accessory Installation
& Disassembly
Ultra Wide & Clear
146° Underwater Wide-angle FOV
10cm Macro Focus Range

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