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The Nano 670 Max has all the features of the 570E, and 2024 has received a 50 newton power increase from its predecessor the 620 Max. Already holding the title of the World’s 2nd best power-to-weight ratio of any dive scooter (beaten only by the Nano 770 Xtreme) the 670 Max now delivers an incredible 28 Newtons of thrust per kg! For sheer power-to-weight nothing comes close to the AquaDart Nano range.

The 670 Max's incredible thrust can propel you through the water at speeds of up to 22 km/h, and with it’s unique lightweight design, benefitting handling both in and out of the water, it gets you there in under 3 seconds.

Being super-reliable as well as easy and inexpensive to maintain, Nano will never be a drain on your pocket and will spend its time in the sea and not the workshop! AquaDart Nano is surely the only professional sea scooter to own in 2024.

Top Specifications

Max Speed (kph): 22
Power Levels (Gears): 6
Power (kW): 4.4
Thrust (Newtons): 670
Programable Safety Depths (m): 2-45
Operating Time (min - max): 65-160
Left/Right or Dual Hand Operation: Yes
High Powered Underwater Lights: Yes
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